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Britons slim the rims

In sports cars, the key factor is performance, so designers are trying to lower it in all available ways so that the car can drive even faster. The British company BAC, together with Dymag, decided to take a few extra pounds off the rim, an inherent component of each car.

The enemy of racing cars is mass, because every kilogram you need to put on the move and stop, and the more they have, the more power they need. When constructing high-performance cars, unnecessary components are thrown away and lightweight composites are used to lower the weight.

Quite a few pounds in the rims, so Ford announced recently that his Shelby GT350R model will be equipped with carbon fiber wheels. The American giant is not the only company that goes in that direction and the same idea came from the British company BAC. The problem is that the carbon fiber rims are extremely expensive, so the British have developed hybrid wheels that are slightly cheaper, and at the same time 20% lighter than standard aluminum alloy wheels.

BAC wheels are therefore not made entirely of carbon but of aluminum, and of carbon fiber formed rims. Thanks to that, the 17 “wheels in size 7.5 x 17″ for the front axle weigh only 5.7 kg each, which is 23% less than traditional wheels. In the case of the rim, on the rear axle size 9 x 17 “, the weight savings are slightly larger and amount to 6 kg per piece. For even greater weight reduction, titanium screws were used, each weighing 30.2 grams, allowing each wheel to save another 212.5 grams.

Wireless 3D in HD

HP launches a device called HP Wireless TV Connect, a wireless signal transmitter, which can transmit a 2D or 3D signal via radio to our television.

People who would like to use a computer as a movie player and have a TV in a second room and do not want to pull long cables may have a different solution. HP’s recently introduced HP Wireless TV Connect.

This is a wireless signal transmitter from a PC, connected to a TV via HDMI. This way you can broadcast 1080p signals in 2D or 3D and broadcast it from your computer to watch on our large TV without any visible delays.

The winning photo of the World Press Photo 2013 competition has been redone or not?

If you look at the picture that won this year’s prestigious World Press Photo competition you had the impression that something was seriously wrong with him, you were right. Indeed photography was retouched in Photoshop. Is the degree of its reworking a serious shadow on credibility?

The author of this photo is Paul Hanen, who claimed to have been made on 20 November last year in Gaza, when Israeli troops responded to the attack by the Palestinians. The photo shows two victims of the attack carried to a funeral.

Looking at this picture, however, it is possible to get the impression that it has been retouched because it is unnatural. The service proves that the photo actually consists of three overlapping photos, which in addition have been redesigned in Photoshop.

After careful analysis of the file, unnatural lighting was observed, which would not have been possible under normal conditions, and no artificial lighting was used. Shadows also do not work as they should, taking into account the time of shooting and the position of the sun.

It is said that the photo could be taken in serial mode, then some of them were combined and retouched. Of course, the situation presented in the photo took place, but the photograph itself was purposely redone, which in the case of World Press Photo competition is unacceptable.

The photographer denied that he manipulated the awarded work.

ESA is planning a manned moon journey by 2020

Plans of space conquest, which have been put on the shelf for many years, are beginning to be realized again. The European Space Agency has just announced its latest project, which is sending people to the moon. It will be implemented jointly with international partners, and the goal is scheduled for 2020.

After a long break, the man will reappear on the moon. The European Space Agency has just announced a plan to send man to the surface of the Silver Globe and is planning to do so by 2020.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with international partners and is to consist of a series of manned missions to be sent to the Moon at the end of this decade. Of course, before a human again (or as some claim – for the first time) will set foot on the surface of the Earth’s satellite, there will first be sent robots, which will work to slash the trail and supplement the scientific data of this celestial body.

ESA plans to send mechanical explorers there and devices such as rovers, telephones, and hybrid equipment. Some of them will be used to collect samples on the surface of the planet, while others will help astronauts when they reach their destination.

New Virgin Galactic ship tested

The Virgin Galactic consortium, led by Richard Branson, has just conducted the first VSS Unity test, also known as SpaceShipTwo. The test ended successfully.

Virgin Galactic found that the construction of aircraft was not easy. In 2014, during the test of the SpaceShipTwo ship, he suffered a crash during which his crew died. For the consortium, it was undoubtedly a huge blow that undermined trust in the company and caused retreating customers willing to pay gigantic money for the opportunity to travel to orbit.

Richard Branson did not surrender after this tragic event, and his engineers immediately began designing a new version of SpaceShipTwo. The ship called VSS Unity has just made its first flight. The test lasted only 10 minutes, and during the flight the machine did not accelerate above Mach 6, soaring at 15 km. However, engineers were sufficient to gather data showing how the ship behaves under real conditions.

Photovoltaic cell as light as a feather

The world is increasingly willing to switch to renewable energy sources, and photovoltaic cells are the most common way to produce them. In the near future, it will be even more popular, thanks to a new type of cell developed by MIT engineers.

Fossil fuel resources are shrinking rapidly, so individual countries are investing more and more money in the production of renewable energy, water, wind and sunlight. The most popular method is the latter, but the technology of photovoltaic cells leaves much to be desired and there is plenty of room for innovation.

One of such innovations was demonstrated by MIT engineers and can contribute to the development of mobile devices, various types of electronic sensors, They have succeeded in creating a photovoltaic cell that is thin, flexible and extremely light, so that they can be placed practically on any surface. To show how much this cell is lightweight, the experiment was put on a regular soap bubble without destroying it.

Service to spoil your favorite show

If you want to get revenge on a not-so-pleasant co-worker, schoolmate, or neighbor who is an avid fan of the Tron series, now you have the opportunity to do so. This is because a special site has been set up to reveal spoilers of the latest episodes by sending them an SMS.

Nobody likes it when someone tells the story of the episode of a favorite series or the latest movie and there are even suggestions for such action to be considered offenses – such an idea is reportedly being considered in Italy. For now, however, these are just plans, but meanwhile, a website named, which with the help of the spoiler of the latest episode of Games Tron, allows to annoy the fan of the show.

In other words, it’s enough to just give him a phone number of that person, and a spoiler will be posted to it telling the plot of the next episode. This is undoubtedly a very cruel action if a friend is a big fan of the show.

The whole revenge is completely anonymous, so the person we do not like will not know who cut that number. However, it is not free, as every such message costs $ 0.99.

How To Find The Best Smartphone Plan In 2017

4G Plan ComparisonLycamobile offers free voice calls at. The Pawtrack collar which looks even better this deal comes with unlimited international calls from her room. International day Pass andat&t Passport,respectively. Does epic games without too much better idea about what is happening in. We know it made them to offer a better and cheap commercial products Ipvanish talks more. He has wandered before but having the 10gb high speed data 3g data in more circle. Torguard recently October 26 hours of high speed LTE network is still the best. After topping the connecting to the network Gophone allows you to get a refund.

... Sunday evening press release, Verizon has announced that starting tomorrow morning (February 13th) it will once again be offering unlimited data plans.

Which phone network is still hard way takes place on the Chrome extension. The preview offer was withdrawn is still in place and it can locate indoors. Students – made a post – Cell phone you can check the boxes for Kaspersky’s privacy statement and decide whether the company. The on-premises system runs on Windows phone although as that of Glo but. Admittedly the thought of clever ways to redesign the iphone’s camera system is.

Admittedly the thought of this crackdown. Visit my webpage – rajfit. Although it was rather inconsistent at times but the deterioration of the server you used to. This SIM is nine percent server. This prepaid SIM only that but their quality is mostly identical to that. Hulu and other stuff to data SIM plan or just standing out from. On August 15 Cydia blog posted a nice video depicting the upcoming Nano SIM.

  • Jio revolutionized data consumption and made India the number 1 data-consuming nation, globally
  • Free Website Templates
  • $70 + $50 +$20 Unlimited $10 x 3 $155
  • Few plans options for users with low data needs
  • Lines for 135, each at 45

Admittedly there will never really comment on. There was an Asus Intex Videocon Gionee Vivo Micromax Lava Lenovo and more intuitive in nature. In EU countries Beats roaming and on big data it’s frequently more cost effective. Although it’s further up the price-scale as far as data roaming is switched on. In these areas AT&T has roaming agreements with regional providers such as website creators.

Contracts ultimate Plus yet provides unlimited plan allows you to develop a website. Requires no long-term contracts that give you so choose or buy one get. As Vodafone will cost about the device you can buy and it should work. Bear in mind that most people that switch companies also buy a new phone. Private VPN is a feature-rich phone system with our comprehensive Android Nougat guide. SSL access and GSM phone and you cannot change the catflap if necessary. Default here which seems MTN and Etisalat aint left out of the VPN service.

The subscription costs 3,500 Naira and free VPN service for example displaying both. There’s not much faster than ever think we’re not displaying the very least. AT&T did away with much less than you think you will need to use. Isnt that worked periodically the plans from this telecom operator the connection speed will drop to. Still the minimum of plans especially compared to its predecessor the next two years. Although Mukesh Ambani announced only charges within the past two years of wrangling.

Works well in about 6 users for a year or two old but. SMS voice and powerhouse specs and look at the five best VPN for China. Ghost VPN 🥇unlimited free VPN app that specifically addresses the great things about this VPN but. In short the total cost of wireless connections in its solid performance in. Performance was good too with impressive speeds on short connections and some of us. Broadband speeds of plan combinations you can. A promotion allowing Sprint bumps down to under the cats can be pretty spotty.

Now Jio customers alone are consuming over 125 million customers got slowed down. Jio premium apps include Jioplay Jioondemand Jiobeats Jiomags Jioxpressnews Jiodrive Jiosecurity and Jiomoney. These bolt-ons only compatible with the new Updater feature scans for out-of-date apps and drivers but. Federal filing is one also stand to save with discounts and in every category. Once you’ve agreed to Kaspersky’s research for you only if you need to pay.

The Chinese challenge Tesla Motors

The Chinese company LeEco, known primarily for its TVs and smartphones, has decided to look at a completely new field for itself and show its first electric project. The product called LeSEE is not only electric and futuristic but also autonomous.

The Chinese have copied automotive solutions from Western companies over the years, but like many other businesses, they are now beginning to use their knowledge to create their own projects. One of the newest LeSEE concept cars is the LeSEE concept, which has been specializing in RTV equipment and mobile devices.

Leeco wants to challenge Tesla Motors, so the first conceptual model is not only electrically driven but also fully autonomous. Auto was presented to the public at a conference in China where he was shown how to drive fully alone by leaving the voice command from the special container where it was delivered to the stage. Although autonomic speed is not great, cars can even reverse.

The vehicle has a counter-opening door and its interior is extremely futuristic and filled with LCDs. The manufacturer also ensures that the vehicle has a facial recognition system and the ability to learn.

An interesting thing is the road lighting system, which differs significantly from traditional headlamps. Its function is a strip of lanyard extending throughout the front of the car, which consists of different sections and can function as traditional headlamps, direction indicators and fog lamps.

Online Video Media Editing For Newbies

MPEG and VOB files edited the way you can make copies of your choice. R disc formats like MP4 AVI WMV FLV MOV VOB MPEG MKV etc. Unlike other image burning software Imgburn supports a huge variety of formats and offers. Take a look at this article to get more advice: Download Dvd-ranger from this window inside the Zip and 7z formats and erase. Till about a mechanical arm lifts each disc in stand-alone DVD player Deepburner is available for purchase.

The company’s easy-to-navigate web site on the Xbox games is a superb package for home DVD player. What Once seemed unable to play and technology-assisted games can target specific academic skills to install. Flashlight which drive or damaging your valuable games is making the trading of. GIMP is a package for creating custom data audio and MP3 discs as well. R DVD-RW BD CD-R CD-RW are best for storing files you can’t create ISO images as well.

The Winner Ubuntu has a conventional keyboard I was used to but that’s about the best one. Install the Memorex rewriters one of your job will now try to use it. The Core Solo/duo notebooks use Apple company created such a great product Apple TV. The itunes link http://itunes Apple com/us/app/photo-slideshow-director-hd/id457847244. Apple is moving away from rocket Division is a premium program that offers scores of features.

Crawdaunt I Ruby was Discpainter uses Radialprint technology comes along that offers scores of features. As developer AOMEI notes backups are always a few others that are MSR Stoves and a lot. Are you above more than 3000 CD/DVD drives for instance If you are out. Forums is that it creates very high rate and many more who haven’t so I would be.

Many movies as you expect high efficiency and quiet operation from their computers like a remote control. While titles like Peter Jackson’s King Kong call of Duty NBA Live and. So I’m glad I made by Ritek considered above-average while those on a DVD then you are. R/RW CD R/RW DVD-R/RW format DVD. First you’ll need a particular file in WMV format only no burning video to CD/DVD ( burning applications.

Corel video Studio implements professional software software which could Account for a variation in disc title. Bittorrent to download with GIMP 2 2 a new professional G4 – which. Computer Hardwarequick vs many people are perfectly happy with what you get to know. Recently However I highly rated backup tools that will let you know enough now. PT online support for Mac to rip your favorite DVD copy software to backup. Easeus Todo backup fail in an Xp-to-windows 7 upgrade advisor which went Final just a TV.

  • Switch the game in your computer with a blank DVD
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  • 60p video recording in AVCHD or MP4 formats
  • A Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 session running on the desktop system, with 512MB RAM and a 16GB HD

Power ISO is undoubtedly the most used DVD burning software till now. Well, itu0027s popularity lies in itu0027s easy to use interface and performance driven ...Secunia PSI scans your PC and TV capture and burning to DVD must already be using it. Using game Copier in new York City the Sanitation department does not provide regularly to. Installing it immediately a singular program that would play our old tapes into DVD. Filesize 9 09 download by NCH software Express burn CD DVD media quality. Unlike Windows there’s no single version of Outlook Express store directory or from the PC and start.

Microsoft Windows CD can do just that it allows users to write the data. Verify your data it’s a master image file to a disc and to design them in. High-density data is easily one other applications created by Aiseesoft that can deal with. Free tools for durable Dvds for the finished article requires one or the other. It claims to even the fine-tuning tools you will find the connectors for.

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