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The Chinese challenge Tesla Motors

The Chinese company LeEco, known primarily for its TVs and smartphones, has decided to look at a completely new field for itself and show its first electric project. The product called LeSEE is not only electric and futuristic but also autonomous.

The Chinese have copied automotive solutions from Western companies over the years, but like many other businesses, they are now beginning to use their knowledge to create their own projects. One of the newest LeSEE concept cars is the LeSEE concept, which has been specializing in RTV equipment and mobile devices.

Leeco wants to challenge Tesla Motors, so the first conceptual model is not only electrically driven but also fully autonomous. Auto was presented to the public at a conference in China where he was shown how to drive fully alone by leaving the voice command from the special container where it was delivered to the stage. Although autonomic speed is not great, cars can even reverse.

The vehicle has a counter-opening door and its interior is extremely futuristic and filled with LCDs. The manufacturer also ensures that the vehicle has a facial recognition system and the ability to learn.

An interesting thing is the road lighting system, which differs significantly from traditional headlamps. Its function is a strip of lanyard extending throughout the front of the car, which consists of different sections and can function as traditional headlamps, direction indicators and fog lamps.